Cihan University - Duhok

Portfilio System

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Q1: The teacher considers the university as his property and devotes 100/100 of his time to the development and advancement of education, and his time is considered ideal in the university and the body.

Q2: The teacher is concerned with monitoring and supervising the education stream and students’ time, and when he is late for a lesson he missed, he makes up for it as soon as possible.

Q3: The teacher focuses on the quality of teaching and takes good steps towards quality assurance in education.

Q4: The teacher prints and distributes the curriculum book (course) and also explains the general principles about using the book.

Q5: The teacher actively participates in the implementation, filtering and analysis of the results for the final exams at the end of the year.

Q6: The teacher has critical thinking and accepts the other opinion.

Q7: The teacher does not differentiate between students in terms of treatment and considers everyone equal and the students are also satisfied with him.

Q8: The teacher does not accept any interference from outside the department in the department’s work and the decisions he takes are objective and pour into the public interest.

Q9: The teacher shows the spirit of cooperation with other teachers and deals with them out of patience and respect.

Q10: The teacher has high scientific capabilities in his specialization and is considered an academic role model.

Q11: The teacher carries out the instructions and duties issued to him from positions higher than him, in addition to carrying out the duties of teaching.

Q12: The teacher cooperates effectively with the department head in order to set plans, raise the level of quality and enrich the quality assurance process.

Q13: The teacher is considered active in the fields of scientific research and publishes research at the level of Iraq and in international conferences.

Q14: The researches carried out by the teacher are at international levels and are published in specialized scientific fields.

Q15: The teacher has an entrepreneurial spirit and participates in the various committees that are formed in the department or faculty.

Q16: The teacher participates in social activities outside the university, such as professional or charitable organizations, or any other activities that the teacher considers useful in order to be counted.

Q17: levels ratio

Q18: Comment